Screaming Into The Abyss

Travel log, Day 5 - Continued
By Ben Zvan
On August 24, 2005 at 20:50

For everyone who thinks I am a food snob: You're right, but here's some evidence to the contrary.

Typical breakfast: Whatever they have in the hotel lobby. Usually a Bagel or English muffin with Cream Cheese or Jam on it. Sometimes cold cereal and, if I'm lucky, bacon or something else warm.
Typical lunch: Maybe some beef jerky, maybe some rice crackers and wasabi peas (I mixed them because the crackers were boring), probably a ham or turkey sandwich with cheese. The sandwiches haven't had any mustard on them because (heres the non-food-snobbery bit) it just seems like too much effort: I'd have to get out a knife.
Typical dinner: Ramen or udon noodles, maybe some Yogurt, maybe some string cheese

Good Idea: Putting rose bushes along the fence separating your cornfield from the road
Bad Idea: Putting up a sign in your cornfield that says "Jesus is coming back - Jesus is coming back" without a bell tower around for hanging lanterns. To be fair, there wasn't any water around, so one lantern is probably enough.

I saw a lot of signs today. One of them was advertising "Brown Eggs" and "Goat Meat". Yum!

So, there's this town in Missouri called Lebanon. It's not pronounced the way you'd think; they swallow the last syllable so it doesn't sound like the country. But I just saw a sign for Palestine Illinois. How do you pronounce that differently? Maybe I'm not as far into the southern US as I thought. Maybe this is the middle-eastern US. Whoever named the town of Pinkstaff had a sense of humor though.

Last thing: I'm used to seeing those prairie chicken oil pumps sitting out in the middle of a [large flat noun of your choice] not running anymore because the well has gone dry. I guess they're cheap enough to let rust when you're done using them. But some people must remove them when they're done because I saw a prairie chicken and oil tank junk yard today. It looked kind of sad.

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