Screaming Into The Abyss

The Second Trip continues
By Ben Zvan
On September 17, 2005 at 21:46

All of the king beds in all of the hotels I've stayed in have had three pillows as if they're secretly expecting three "users". To me, a king bed seems kind of lonely for one person, especially if it's set up for three. But, just for variety, I used all three pillows.

I have officially moved north enough to be solidly in the start of fall colors. The ferns are all dead, the leaves are drying up. Anyway, it's kind of nice. On my way here, I drove through the town of Hazelhurst "Quiet Side of the North Woods". I laughed out loud because there's a huge motorcycle ride in the area here. Lots of Harleys, not so much with the quiet.

This morning I saw a guy mowing the lawn. Not so weird really until you see that he's only got one leg: One hand for the mower, one hand for the crutch and one leg for the ground. Push ... crutch ... hop ... push ... crutch ... hop ...

As per usual, this post is full of things I saw today because I can't make interesting things up from scratch. Here are a couple more signs I saw.

Beware Dust over Road: The road was clean and dry, no dust in sight. But then a huge cloud of dust descended over the road, darkening the sky. It settled down on the car in front of me and stripped the paint right off the metal, found a slightly lowered window and seeped into the passenger compartment, scouring it clean. Truly: Beware Dust over Road

That one was closely followed by WARNING! Watch for Low Flying Planes: OK fine...I don't see any...can I go back to watching the road now? What would I do if I saw a low flying plane anyway? Duck? Swerve? There aren't any airports around so if there's a low flying plane it's below the legal minimum altitude (by definition). I would think that the more maneuverable craft should be the one to look out: Watch for High Flying Cars.

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