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Late Update - Clearing out the 'Log
By Ben Zvan
On September 26, 2005 at 19:31


Wow. I haven't written any notes in my Treo in a couple of days. Usually I've tossed something to write about in here every day even if it doesn't make it to the 'blog for a while. Well, let's see (holy crap, my treo just added an apostrophe to my "lets". That's creepy)...

I am still enjoying the photography gig. I had a chance to walk down to the breakwater at the Duluth lift bridge and take some pictures of my own this afternoon and I'm sitting in the Pizza Luce right now drinking a Stella and waiting for my pizza. It's a little odd to be the only table of one in the place but last time I was here It was me and my fellow fisherman at a table for two. It wouldn't be any different in the bar and It's smokey in there so...

My waitress gave her name as PK and reminds me a little of Lojo Russo. I suppose PK could stand for something like "Patricia Konig", but I prefer "Player Killer".

It's ironic, I think, that the night I don't have Internet access to tie up my laptop is the night I won't watch a DVD because House is on.

09/26/05: Final notes from this wisconsin trip.

On the subject of Canada: What he said. I brought back two 12-packs of beer and four 12-packs of Coke (with sugar) from the Great White North. I'll have more info on the two beers later and I hope to do a blind taste test of the Coca-Cola as well.

Canadian television is different. The Food Network has many more shows from Canada so the schedule is completely different. They show The Surreal Gourmet far more frequently there than here and The Thirsty Traveler is on Food TV in Canada when it's on Fine Living here. I did get to see a show called Christine Cushing Live which is aparently a Canadian exclusive programme. The episode that I saw was The Brewery where they got Kevin Brauch of The Thirsty Traveler to help Christine host a party with a whole tonne of Beer Brewers from throughout Canada. One of the beers they highlighted on the show was Mill Street Coffee Porter which sounded yummy, but I had already bought two cases of beer and wasn't about to go out and try to find some. I just hope that they export the stuff.

Why yes, now that you mention it, there were a couple of odd signs. The first one was just a road sign for a road named "15th Side Road" which didn't seem to be at the side of anything. It was even perpendicular to the highway. The other one gets its own paragraph and even a photo.

While driving around Thunder Bay, I saw several signs for no parking zones, but this one takes the cake. I could have understood "Radar Patrolled" but "Radar Enforced?" I can just see the cop getting a bead on the car sitting at the side of the road and carefuly clocking it at 0 Kph just to make sure that it's really parked and not just being driven by an old person.

Anyway, now that I'm back for a little while, What he said again.

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