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By Ben Zvan
On January 05, 2009 at 13:38
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Not the best way to deliver packages: A UPS driver caught on camera performing the 30-yard package toss. Training for the 2012 Olympics perhaps? This honestly doesn't surprise me. I waited on a loading dock for 15 minutes once watching a driver throw monitors into his truck.

Fisher-Price, now with more virus: One of the many problems with quality control, not to mention a lack of attention to employee morale is spreading viruses. Not the germy kind, the computer kind.

Powered by Sun and Open Source magic: Need to run a Windows application on your Mac? Got a pirated copy of XP? (not recommended) Virtual box may be the free solution for you. It's not as advanced as Parallels or VMWare but that $0 price tag makes up a lot.

Finally: I saw a clip from Penn and Teller's show Bullshit over the weekend. I had to wind it back several times to try to figure out how the heck Teller was doing his slight of hand routine. I eventually got the idea, but there's no way I could pull off even something that simple as well as he can. Here's a clip with something even more impressive.

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