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The Crystal Method - On Tour
By Ben Zvan
On June 15, 2009 at 14:25

The Crystal Method - Ah, The Crystal Method...

Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan have a new album out now called "Divided By Night." Like the rest of their music, it's very good. I've been told that "Vega"s was a great album to listen to stoned. I suspect "Legion of Boom" and "Divided by Night" come in close seconds. The new album is loaded with collaborations between the Method and other artists, including the nerdcore LMFAO and Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge fame.

The Crystal Method - Scott KirklandAnyway, I'm not reviewing the album, I'm reviewing the tour. Check The Crystal Method website for tour dates.

If you're a fan in Minneapolis and you missed it, I'm very sorry for you. You should have gone. The light show was great. The performance was great. All during the tour, they were tweeting that people should carpool or take public transportation to "offset the massive light show." A lot of it was done with LEDs so there's already a carbon savings from that.

There were two exceptionally cool things they did with lights. One was the fully gimbaled led light disks that acted as spots and displays at the same time. The other was the multi-colored spots that cut through the smoke in a crazily cool way.
The most challenging was the four giant strobe lights that seem to be getting popular these days. I'm getting very good at changing the settings on my camera very quickly.

The Crystal Method - Scott KirklandThe Crystal Method - Ken Jordan SmilingScott Kirkland is always the outgoing one; playing the audience and the songs at the same time. He stands on top of things, sometimes not very stably. He throws out up the devil horns when he has a free hand (he uses both hands when they're both free. He's the one everyone's eyes are on all the time because he's the one who wants it that way.

Ken Jordan is the quiet one. He plays the music and watches Kirkland take the front stage but he rarely hams it up for the audience. He also seems to be the more coherent one, since he was the one who did all the "thank you Minneapolis" stuff. He patiently distracted the crowd when one of Kirkland's keyboards died and had to be replaced during the encore too. This show, he spent quite a wile hamming and smiling. Clearly they were both enjoying the tour.

Buy "Divided By Night" on iTunes.

More photos on my Flickr stream.

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