Screaming Into The Abyss

Science Data Dump
By Ben Zvan
On September 24, 2009 at 12:07

Golden Orb WeaversAn optomistic project silks 1,000,000 spiders to create 44 square feet of spider-silk cloth. 96-strand threads made from silk extracted from golden orb weavers with a modern copy of a turn-of-the-century machine make a strong, elastic material. The project took four years and only yealded 1 square foot of cloth per 23,000 spiders. It's not practical for large-scale production, but it sure is cool.  -- Wired

The search for water on the moon is over. Hydrogen from solar winds may have bonded to the oxygen in lunar dust to form water but whatever the cause, it's there. Next step: figure out how to harvest it. -- io9

Studies on gender differences are easy to misinterperet. A recent study of gender and religious affiliation concludes that women are less skeptical than men. But really, did they ask the question they were trying to answer? -- Almost Diamonds

If you're going to start an avalanche and then get stuck in the snow and then get rescued a few minutes later, you might as well record it for the rest of us to watch. -- Gizmodo

The smell of death is not just a metaphore. Scientists have isolated compounds that act as universal bug repelents. "Hey, something here is dead. And it's us!" -- Science Friday

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