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Friday Science
By Ben Zvan
On October 09, 2009 at 10:03

Launch PhotoHere is some science you should know about.

NASA has taken 3D printing to a whole new level by using electron beams to print titanium parts. --via Gizmodo

Normally an aircraft builder might start with a 6,000-pound block of titanium and machine it down to a 300-pound part, leaving 5,700 pounds of material that needs to be recycled and using several thousand gallons of cutting fluid used in the process.

With EBF3 you can build up the same part using only 350 pounds of titanium and machine away just 50 pounds to get the part into its final configuration. And the EBF3 process uses much less electricity to create the same part.

Canon, Nikon and RED have been coming out with some amazing new cameras lately. Just don't expect them to blow up a mule as a demonstration.

Looking forward to Windows 7? At least one study shows it's not that much faster than Vista on current hardware.

Have you ever wondered what people are doing with film cameras now that digital is the same quality or better for a reasonable price? It turns out one photographer was willing to sacrifice his film camera for this picture (right). Luckily, he only ended up sacrificing his lens.

With the number of new-hire zombies we've had in our data center this week. I'm glad we'll have a white paper we can use to make sure our DR plans include the inevitable.

You know all about Saturn's rings, right? You remember how they disappeared for a while when Saturn was edge-on to us? Well, there's a new ring in town and it's a little bigger than the others.

-- Photo Copyright Ben Cooper

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